Playzone Birthday Party Reservation

PlayZone is a Nut Free and Latex Free environment. Please do not bring these items with you.

Playzone Birthday Party

This 1hour and 45min party includes:

  • Playzone entrance for each child
  • Playzone table reservation for 1hr 45min
  • Large pizza per 4 children
  • 1 juice box per child
  • Plates, napkins and utensils for cake service
  • Party host
  • $20.00 plus taxes for any additional children
$205.00 plus taxes for the first 8 kids.
$20.00 for additional kids

Package Price:
Total Price:
* Deposit:

* Deposit covers the first 8 kids and add-ons.
Additional kids will be paid for on the day of your party.

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